Julien Pouille, a freelance professional photographer and passionate outdoor enthusiast, immerses himself in the realms of fly fishing, nature, American literature, and wilderness conservation. Since 2014, he has been an active contributor to various international publications, capturing the beauty of the outdoors through his lens. His work has graced several photo exhibitions, bringing the splendor of nature to a wider audience. Beyond photography, he actively engages in river protection projects, embodying his commitment to preserving the natural environment he cherishes. Residing in France, nestled at the foot of the Jura mountains near Geneva, Julien finds inspiration and solace in the untamed beauty of his surroundings.

You may reach out to him for prints … or just say hello: julien_pouille@hotmail.fr


This website only contains a sample of photographs and none of them are free of any rights.

Julien offers a selection of his captivating photographs for sale, available in both fine art paper prints and digital formats. For inquiries or to browse his collection, simply reach out via email. Notably, the prints are meticulously produced by a professional photo laboratory renowned for their exceptional quality, ensuring every detail is preserved from production to packaging.

Certain photographs are available for digital use, free of charge, to noncommercial causes and nonprofit organizations dedicated to the protection of wild rivers and nature conservation. To request permission or inquire about availability, please send an email. Additionally, some of Julien's photographs are already covered under specific use licenses, and higher resolution versions may be obtained by simply reaching out and asking.